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A New System

Which is better?

Which system has the greatest...
 Communism Capitalism
 Altruism/Charity/Freely helping others?
 Value in work?
 Value in the worker?
 Personal property
 Personal Safety/Secuirty?

What is the alternative?

  1. What are the things necessary in running a country's economic system?
  2. How could a Christian leadership achieve them?
  3. How can we achieve those objectives, even though those our society probably doesn't believe in them?
Create a poster advertising your new economic and political system.
  1. Give it a name. 
    • Sociptalism? 
    • Commcialism? 
    • Something else?
  2. Explain how the government works. 
    • Is it democratic? 
    • A dictatorship? 
    • A monarchy?
  3. Explain how the economic system works. 
    • Is it a free-ranging, do what you want economy? 
    • Is it centrally planned? 
    • Does it have the government intervene in some areas and not others?
  4. How does the system protect the weakest? 
    • Does it rely on the churches? 
    • Does it redistribute wealth by taxes? 
    • Is everything centrally owned?
  5. How does the system encourage innovation?
  6. How does the system reflect Christian principles?