Winning a Charlotte 19

Your assignment today is to design the best web page that you've ever built. You have today's class to do this, so you need to work quickly. No idle chit chat today.

Your page is for a new chocolate bar that's just come on the market.
 It's exciting, new, and everyone just has to have this chocolate bar.

  • You may decide the name of it.
    • Be a bit creative and extremely original.
    • The name should not be the same as an existing chocolate bar.
    • Ideally the name should make your mouth water and make you want to go out and buy one.
  • You may decide what goes into the chocolate bar. You are encouraged to be creative while still being tasteful.
    • There's lots of chocolate bar images available. The one on the right comes from Morgue File. The other photo down below comes from Wikimedia Commons.
    • What you say goes into it should match your picture.
  • The chocolate bar is being marketed at teens and people in their early twenties (people your age and a bit older), so the colors will likely be fairly bright, and the web page should radiate energy and excitement
  • You may work in teams of up to two people. (After all, you can't have a team of one person, can you?)
  • There's a lot of things to think about:
    • What will make your design interesting and attractive and make it stand out from the others?
    • What will make your design catch people's attention and make them want to purchase this new product?
    • What does your target audience/demographic want from a chocolate bar?
      • Taste?
      • Price?
      • Endorsed by celebrities?
      • Instant energy?
      • Extra chocolate? Extra nuts? Extra caramel?
  • When you've uploaded your page, you'll tell me the URL and I'll post it here. We can then compare and see who's created the best single page for a chocolate bar and what makes that page so effective.
  • The team with the best page will win the Charlotte Award for Web Design (it's very prestigious).
  • You have one class. Get to work.