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Pizza Pizza

Before you make your web site, make a rough sketch on a piece of paper (one sheet for every web page) to show where all the various parts of the assignment will be located. Make sure I see the sketch before you begin.

You are going to make a small site for a pizza company that offers delivery if you order over the web. Your site:

  1. Will have three pages.
    • To make it simple, you should put these files in their own folder called something like "pizza."
    • One should be for the introduction/welcome page. You'll call this page index.html.
      • This page might be a logical spot to include contact information (but you may choose to put it elsewhere). You could include a
        •  phone number,
        •  e-mail address,
        • FaceBook site,
        • and a Twitter name.
      • Since this is a website you want to offer as many electronic ways to order pizza as you possibly can
    • Don't forget that your pizza site needs a name for your company that somehow just screams "Pizza!" to the average person. It should, of course, be original (unlike the name "Pizza Pizza") so there will be no sites devoted to Boston Pizza, Little Caesars, or Dominos.
    • Another page should be devoted to the menu
    • A third and final page could include things like the delivery guarantee (30 minutes or it's free?), a list of local locations, etc.
  2. Should have a unified look. The pages should look like they belong together.
    • All pages should have the same or similar colors.
    • They should have the same or a similar layout.
    • The pages should use the same font/s.
  3. Should include appropriate pictures in appropriate places.
    •  These may be pictures of
      • pizza,
      • or of people enjoying pizza,
      • or maybe of one of your pizza restaurants.
    • Use a variety of pictures and try to be creative.
    • Whatever your pictures, they should relate to the theme of your site very closely.
    • There should be at least one picture per page, and the menu page should have several photos of pizza and/or people eating pizza.
    • The pictures must by tasteful.
  4. When you post your site on your directory, put it all in a subdirectory called pizza. Then link to it from the front page of your website.
  5. Your code will be something like: <a href=pizza/index.html>Assignment 8</a>
  6. If you're wondering, the pictures I used came from Morgue File
  7. Don't forget to use TITLE tags.
  8. It may sound crazy to say it, but make sure your pages all link to each other. There should be a menu somewhere to help you navigate this site.


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Basic Design Elements Included  Title tags, menu bars, etc included Consistent layout between pages Consistent use of color  Consistent use of graphics
James Dykstra,
Dec 15, 2014, 6:52 AM