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Be True to Your School

Before you make your web site, make a rough sketch on a piece of paper (one sheet for every web page) to show where all the various parts of the assignment will be located. Make sure I see the sketch before you begin.

You are building a site for your school. It is an imaginary school that is somehow different than the average school (and yet strangely tasteful). Maybe it's a clown school, or a place to learn to fly, or somewhere to become a race car driver while you learn Social Studies and English. Whatever it is, it's a bit unusual and off the beaten path.

You have to consider how a website will portray your school. In your layout, in your choice of colors, in your use of pictures, and in the content you post, you give people an impression of what your school is like. Make sure it's an accurate one.

Also consider: Who is your site aimed at? This will affect how you design your site.

  • Are you appealing to the students?
  • Are you appealing to the parents?
  • Are you trying to recruit new students via your website?

Your site should

  1. have at least four pages.
  2. use appropriate and consistent colors. When you choose school colors, will you try using lighter or darker variants of them? Could you vary the shades on different pages?
  3. have appropriate pictures. You could create a school logo, or maybe a picture or two of your classmates (with their permission, or course).
  4. cover appropriate content. What do you want people to know about? Why?
    • Sports Results?
    • School Vision?
    • Academics?
    • Extra Curricular Activities?
    • Cool things like band trips, class outings to camps, etc?
    • How many kids get scholarships, go to college/university?

Your site should reflect a consistent vision of

  • who your audience is.
  • what you want your audience to think your school.
So, to summarize:
  • Does your site have a consistent look?
    • This includes colors, pictures, and layout of all the pages.
  • Does the look show what is important to/about your school?
    • This is about content. What do your pages say, and what are the pictures you include to back up the words?
  • Does your site have at least four pages?


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Basic Design Elements Included  Title tags, menu bars, etc included Consistent layout between pages Consistent use of color  Consistent use of graphics
James Dykstra,
May 26, 2015, 1:19 PM