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Iframe, You frame

(You don't need a sketch for this assignment.)

What's an Iframe? I'm glad you asked.

An iframe is simply a way to put content from another site into your own site without stealing it.

You've seen iframes used. (Example of an iframe.) ⇒
  1. by YouTube whenever a video is embedded in another site.
  2. by websites that embed a map (perhaps from Google Maps) to show you where they are. You might find this on a church's website.
  3. by GMail when you check your mail. (You didn't realize that your mail is actually a separate webpage from the menu, did you?).
Today you're going to create an iframe. The tag you need is iframe and it is used with src which tells your browser what to load in the iframe.

  1. Your iframe should be something as simple as <iframe src=http://www.google.com></iframe> That's pretty easy, isn't it?
  2. Instead of Google, you're going to load the front page of one of your classmates' websites into your iframe.
  3. Between the opening and close iframe tags, you will add a brief description of what your iframe is about
  4. Try controlling the height and width of your frame, too.
Pretty easy, eh?


One mark each
Created an iframe Loaded in a website Adjusted the height Adjusted the width