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Web Design 35S Course Outline

Course Outline 2017-2018

Credit Value: 0.5

Instructor: James Dykstra

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to design, develop and publish a simple website. We will talk about what you can do with a website.

We'll develop a basic background about how to build and host a site. Keep in mind that your probably have a greater ability to communicate your ideas around the world than any teenagers since creation. That is awesome power, but, as they say in Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. As we post things and play with a few cool tools, you will be expected to behave in a man consistent with good Internet etiquette/Netiquette, and with Christian standards of behavior. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated.

Course Content

The course content will be divided into five sections.

  1. Basic HTML
    • Finish what you start
    • The first shall be last
    • Nesting your commands
  2. Simple individual pages
    • Naming conventions
    • FTPing your site
    • Picture formats
  3. Making a more complex, integrated site.
    • Directory structures
    • Relative and absolute URLs.
    • Making a uniform look. How do you make your site look united?
  4. Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets.
    • This is so hard but here's how it saves time
    • Why a uniform design is important
  5. Building a more Complex Site with CSS
    • Who is your audience?
    • How does your design meet their needs?
    • Why are your needs not relevant?


Basic HTML
1-2 weeks
Individual Pages
3 weeks
A more complex site
3 weeks
Introduction to CSS
3 weeks
Building a More Complex Site
3 weeks

The course is project based so each assignment you do will be just one small part of the total. All the projects together add up to 100% of the course mark.

Assignments that are late will be penalized at the rate of 5% per week.

There will be no final exam for this course.

This and that

Most of your assignments will be posted at my site, www.mrdykstra.ca. You can always access them there from home or school. When your assignments are done, we'll find a little space to put them up so you can show them off.

I'll be posting due dates and such on my site at www.mrdykstra.ca/. You should check there regularly to make sure that you know when assignments are due.

If you have a question when I'm not around, the fastest and most reliable way for you (or your parents) to get an answer is to e-mail me at jdykstra@lindenchristian.org.