Making Trivia

In a small group of three (not a big group of three), research some significant aspect of Canadian identity. You need a cohesive, coherent theme for your research
  1. Country size
  2. Weather
  3. Food (donuts, beer, poutine, etc)
  4. Sports (hockey, lacrosse, Olympics, etc)
  5. Language.
  6. Animals (moose, buffalo, beaver, etc)
  • Come up with 20 multiple choice questions about your topic.
  • Type them up.
  • Include the answers.
  • Print off a copy and show it to the teacher.
  • When it has been approved, decide which questions are your best.
  • I'll put the best questions up online and then we'll see who can get the most right.


Theme                      2
Quality Trivia             2
Completed Marking    1

Possible Sources of Info

  1. Canada - The Facts
  2. National Atlas of Canada
  3. Vancouver English Centre
  4. CIA World Factbook
  5. Canadian Geographic
  6. Canada Facts
  7. National Geographic
  8. Ducks Unlimited - Geese
  9. Natural Resources Canada
  10. Wikipedia
  11. Remembrance Day