Canadian on a Stamp

Stamps issued by countries often celebrate famous citizens who have made unique, interesting, or important contributions to their country or to the world in general. The stamp is sometimes just a head shot of the individual, but other times shows them in action doing whatever it was they became famous for.

Your job is to pick a famous Canadian and then make a postage stamp that shows him or her in action.

  • It could be a man, or a woman.
  • He or she could be living or dead.
  • He or she could be a politician, judge, soldier, inventor, or whatever sort of person is worth celebrating.

What will your stamp look like?

  • Your stamp will be done on a single 8.5*11 sheet of white paper.
  • It will about a single individual.
  • It will show this individual in action, doing whatever it was that made him or her famous.
  • It will be colorful.
  • It will be tidy and drawn to the best of your ability.
  • It will be tasteful. Certain topics are not worth celebrating. You know what the difference between tasteful and tasteless is.

You will

  • work on your own.
  • create only one stamp.
  • have fun with what you are doing.
  • not use a computer to do this assignment.