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These are the soldiers in your neighborhood

Today you're going to look at the life of a First World War soldier from Winnipeg. You are going to tell his story. The ones we're looking at were all killed at the Battle of Vimy Ridge in 1917.

Start Here and Pick a Soldier

Tank advancing with Infantry at Vimy. April 1917.
Credit: Canada. Dept. of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada/ Restrictions on use: Nil Copyright: Expired

History of the West End

History of the North End


Fort Rouge
Maps of Winnipeg
You can find a list of these soldiers at either of these websites. Don't pick the first soldier you find. Look at a few to find out about whom there's lots of information.  

Need Information on Your Soldier?

If you click on each soldier, it should bring you to a list of links that will provide more information on him. Other information that may note be linked to can be found on the three links below.

Try to pick a soldier whose full service record is available at Library and Archives (the first link).
  1. Soldiers of First World War: Library and Archives Canada
  2. Canadian Virtual War Memorial
  3. Commonwealth War Graves Commission
  4. Canadian Great War Project
  5. Canadian Great War Project at UVic
What can you tell of the soldier's story? Was he married? Was he a father? What was his job? What did he look like? What is there in this man's story that makes him seem like a human you can relate to?

Continue Here

You'll need to find out about Vimy Ridge. Where did this battle take place? When? What did they hope to achieve? What did they achieve? Did it have any lasting significance? What was the role of Canadians in this battle? Why is this battle often mentioned in Canadian histories of the First World War as compared to some other battle?

Photos you can use

You need to give credit in the manner they ask, but you can use photos from the government site,
  1. Vimy Ridge Photos
  2. First World War
  3. First World War Ace 
  4. First World War Enlistment Posters (Careful which ones you pick. Google has not sorted these very well so be sure it's First World War and Canadian.)

What you need to do

Ultimately, you're telling the story of one man, and the Battle in which he died. 
Your story needs be solid, told in an engaging way, and should include visuals, so...

You could put it together:
  1. As a story
  2. As a diary.
  3. As an obituary (try this site for examples or this one.).

Your account should be:
  1. 750 words or 3 minutes depending on delivery method.
  2. include strong visuals, especially pictures from the time period (primary sources).
    • Make sure your visuals are integrated into the story and not just tacked onto the end of it. 
    • They should be part of the telling.
  3. Include a bibliography, and each picture should be independently cited.


 30  35  40 45  50
 The basic story of the local-Winnipeg  soldier is told. A proper bibliography and citations are included. The story is told with illustrations and other visual elements. The story is put in the context of Vimy Ridge. The significance of the Vimy Ridge battle in the context of WWI is explained. The significance of the Vimy Ridge battle in the context of Canadian history and identity is explained.

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May 24, 2019, 2:04 PM