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Who is this woman? Part 2

The Canada's History website has a list of 30 great Canadian women.
  1. Go to that list.
  2. Pick the one you think is the most significant and deserving of the honor of gracing our currency.
  3. Do a little bit of research about her. The Canada's History website gives an introduction, but you will probably need to do a little bit more digging to learn enough about your choice.
  4. When you know a reasonable amount about her create a Trading Card based on her life.
  5. When the card is done, print it off and have the teacher hang it on the wall.
  6. As the cards go up, look at other people's cards.
  7. Based on the information provided about all the women, decide who is the best choice to be on a Canadian bill.
  8.  Making good use of your time
    Research 20 minutes
    Building a trading card 10 minutes
    Looking at other people's cards 15 minutes
    Making and defending a choice 20 minutes
  9. Write down who your choice is, and give 3 reasons defending that choice.
  10. Hand in your choice and reasons to the teacher.


Research as reflected in trading card. 5
Final choice defended with three logical and substantial reasons. 3