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This is the News

Your job is to look up a current, significant Canadian news story. You are then going to post it on This is the News. On this news site you will do three things.
  1. You will write up the details of your story (at least fifty words). (2 marks)
  2. You will explain why your story is significant, and important, why it rocks our world. (2 marks) 
    • The story should matter to more than just you and a few friends, or maybe your family or your neighborhood.
    • It should affect thousands, if not millions of people in Canada.
  3. When other people have posted their stories, you will comment intelligently on at least one of them. (2 marks)
    • It should be a thoughtful comment of at least 25 words.
    • It should be more than "I agree" or "Way to go, man" or "You rock."
    • It should offer thoughtful feedback and ideas.
  4. The login you used for your Virtual Heritage Fair assignment will get you into this website, too.
  5. We will do this assignment today, and after today every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the term.
    • If you are sick, on holidays, or absent for some other reason, you can still do this from home, the library, or any place where they have an Internet connection.
    • There may not always be class time to do this assignment.
    • At least sometimes, you will have to do this on your own or for homework.
  6. When you do this assignment, remember that your login name is attached to every post you make and every action you do.
    • If you are the kind of person who likes to post silly comments or mess up other people's posts, it's really easy to figure out who did it.
    • For this reason you should not let anyone else use your login. If they know your password, change it.

Sources of News

  1. The Radio
  2. T.V. News
  3. A newspaper (at home or in the school library)
  4. Winnipeg Free Press Online
  5. National Post
  6. The Globe and Mail
  7. Maclean's
  10. The front page of the Social Studies section of this website.