Inuit Culture

There are 4 videos showing Inuit life. Two are from early in the 20th century. Two are more recent and tell the story of how the Inuit live today. Compare and contrast the videos.
  1. While watching videos from both periods look at their
    • clothes
    • housing
    • transportation
    • weapons
    • games
    • haircuts
    • bags for carrying things.
A simple chart like the one below may help you make your observations.
 Other things you observe

What is art?

Art is a way an artist tells a story. They want to make you see or feel something. They want to tell a story.

What do Inuit artists want to make you feel or see? What is the story that want to tell?

Based on the art you see, how do the Inuit portray their lives in art? Do they show their modern life, and do they show something from times gone by?

Why do you think their art is done this way?

  • Does this art sell?
  • Is this the Inuit thinking of a golden age?
  • Is this a myth about who the Inuit are that they want us to believe?
When you go to the art gallery, bring along a pen and some paper.  (Leave your knapsack at school.)