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Where does our food come from?

Canadian food comes from a wide variety of countries. For example, we import
  1. animal products
  2. vegetable/fruit products
  3. fats and oils
  4. and liquids like alcohols, beers, 
  5. and vinegars.
This data base lists the country of origin of Origins of Canadian Foods. Use it to find out from where we import these five categories of foods.
  1. On the map provided (or using a map downloadable here with the PINK button), 
    • color the countries from which we import animal products one color, 
    • those that send us fruits and vegetables another, 
    • those that supply fats and oils a third
    • countries that send alcohols and beers a fourth, 
    • and lands that supply vinegars still one more color. 
    • Each food group should be represented by a different color for a total of five colors.
  2. Countries that send us more than one type of food should be done up in each food's color, possibly in stripes. One country could, possibly, have five different colors on it.
  3.  Everyone should be able to do this on their own and should be able to submit their own, neatly colored map. This is NOT a partner project.