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Quebec Charter of Values

A long time ago, there was thing in Quebec called the Quiet Revolution. Central to the Revolution was that the Liberal government in Quebec "secularized" hospitals, schools, and other institutions by taking them from the control of the Roman Catholic Church and bringing them under control of the government.

Last week in Quebec Bernard Drainville, Minister for Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship, introduced a "Chater of Values" that would restrict the wearing of certain clothing by Quebec government employees. An organization can set a dress code for its employees, but this puts the Charter of Values would put the dress code into law. The articles below explain a bit about what this charter is all about.

As you read the articles, try to explain a few things:
  1. What is laïcité?
  2. What is secularization?
  3. Why do some people want this charter? 
  4. What do some people opposed it?
  5. How is this a challenge to Christians and believers of other faiths?
  6. What do you think?