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Human Rights Incidents

"…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine…" Matthew 25: 39-46

Pick one of the following topics listed below. Follow the links for that topic to help you research it. These links are only the beginning. There is tons of other sites that deal with each of these topics.

Make sure you include a few things in your research.

  • What is the incident all about.
  • When it happened
  • Who was involved
    • don't forget the "good guys"
    • You need to include the "bad guys"
  • Why did it happen?
    • This is a hard question. The obvious answer is that some people were racist. Don't go with only that answer because it's too easy. Think deeper.
      • Why did the people say they did it?
      • What were they afraid of?

Pick one of the five topics listed below. Do some hunting and find at least FIVE good websites that deal with the issue to do the research on your topic.

  1. Women's Suffrage
    • Key words: Nellie McClung, Rodmond Roblin, suffrage, temperance, Prohibition, Persons Case
  2. Ukrainian Internment
    • Key words: World War I, internment, camps, enemy aliens
  3. Japanese Internment
    • Pearl Harbor, Japanese Canadians, Mackenzie King, internment, enemy aliens
  4. Chinese Head Tax
    • CPR, 1885, 1923, apology
  5. Padlock Law
    • Maurice Duplessis, Jehovah Witnesses, Communism, Igor Gouzenko

Now you have to teach the class about the issue.


How are you going to present this topic? 

  • Prezi
  • PowerPoint
  • A play in front of the class
  • A video
  • Other formats

Your class presentation should

  • involve the talents of all your group members
  • be at least five minutes in length
  • show evidence of considerable and significant research


  1. Did they use primary sources (at least two)?
  2. Did they use a variety of secondary sources (at least five)?
  3. Did they reflect on the issue, analyzing the motives of the main players?
  4. Did they cover the topic thoroughly?
  5. Did it take at least five minutes to do their presentation?