What would it look like if one of the Prime Ministers of Canada had had his/her own page on FaceBook or some other social networking site?

Prime Minister Party Prime Minister Party
John A Macdonald Liberal-Conservative Louis St. Laurent Liberal
Alexander Mackenzie Liberal John Diefenbaker Progressive Conservative
John Abbott Liberal-Conservative Lester Pearson Liberal
John Thompson Conservative Pierre Trudeau Liberal
Mackenzie Bowell Conservative Joe Clark Progressive Conservative
Charles Tupper Conservative John Turner Liberal
Wilfrid Laurier Liberal Brian Mulroney Progressive Conservative
Robert Borden Conservative/Unionist Kim Campbell Progressive Conservative
Arthur Meighen National Liberal and Conservative/Conservative Jean Chretien Liberal
William Lyon Mackenzie King Liberal Paul Martin Liberal
Richard Bedford Bennett Conservative Stephen Harper Conservative

Pick one of the Prime Ministers from the list above. Using the attached template, construct an imaginary social network page for him or her. You should include:
  • the name,
  • a picture,
  • the party he/she belonged to,
  • some relevant "friends", (3)
  • their contact information such as where they lived or an imaginary e-mail address,
  • a favorite quote,
  • their education and work history, (2)
  • any (fake) groups they might have belonged to that would reveal something about the Prime Minister and his/her work, (2)
  • fake ads that reveal something about the prime minister you're covering. (3)
All the details on your page should reveal something about the prime minister you're covering.

Farcebook Evaluation
 Relevant Friends
 Education/work history
 Groups (fake ones) that tell us abou the prime minister
 Relevant fake ads that reveal a knowledge of the prime minister
 Total  /10

James Dykstra,
Sep 10, 2010, 10:04 AM