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Prime Ministerial Trading Cards!

Baseball players have them. Hockey players have them. Now Prime Ministers will have them, too. You are going to create trading cards for your favorite Prime Minister of Canada. Cool, eh? You are going to pick a Prime Minister and research him (or her) and then put together a trading card.

Prime Minister Party Prime Minister Party
John A Macdonald Liberal-Conservative Louis St. Laurent Liberal
Alexander Mackenzie Liberal John Diefenbaker Progressive Conservative
John Abbott Liberal-Conservative Lester Pearson Liberal
John Thompson Conservative Pierre Trudeau Liberal
Mackenzie Bowell Conservative Joe Clark Progressive Conservative
Charles Tupper Conservative John Turner Liberal
Wilfrid Laurier Liberal Brian Mulroney Progressive Conservative
Robert Borden Conservative/Unionist Kim Campbell Progressive Conservative
Arthur Meighen National Liberal and Conservative/Conservative Jean Chretien Liberal
William Lyon Mackenzie King Liberal Paul Martin Liberal
Richard Bedford Bennett Conservative Stephen Harper Conservative

  1. On the front of the trading card you;ll need a photo of your Prime Minister in action, ideally doing something for which he's well known. You should include the Prime Minister's name on the front as well.
  2. On the back you should have important statistics. These would include but are not limited to:
    • Life span
    • Time in office
    • Party/ies for which he played.
    • Position/s played (Prime Minister and what others?)
    • Facts on his life outside politics
    • Best known for...
 One mark for each item included
Clear and appropriate picture on the front
Life span
Time in office
 Parties for which he played
Position/s played
Facts on life outside politics
 Best known for...
Additional Cool Info
Additional Cool InfoNeat and tidy.
Total of 10 marks possible