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Canada Votes

Good Morning!

Your job, on the wiki provided, is to thoroughly investigate one of the political parties listed below.
Using one or more pages on the wiki (which, of course, you'll link together), you will learn about, illustrate, and write about the following aspects of your chosen/assigned party.

  1. Policies. Try to find out at least its top five. For example:
    • Do they a policy on crime?
    • Do they have a policy on health care?
    • Do they have a policy on abortion?
    • Do they have a policy on legalizing certain drugs?
    • Do they have a policy on protecting the environment?
    • Do they a policy on the conflict in Afghanistan?
  2. Leader (this should probably have a separate page). Do a bit of digging. Go beyond what you see on the Party's website. Some of the Party leaders are truly odd.
    • What's he/she like? Tall? Short? Young? Old? Intellectual? Well dressed?
    • What image do you think the party is trying to portray with the way the leader presents him/herself?
    • Try to include a flattering picture of the leader, too.
  3. Is your party serious or a protest/joke party?
    • It might not be an obvious choice.
  4. Can a Christian, in good conscience, support this party? What are your reasons for this stand?
  5. Can you find videos about/by your party on YouTube or elsewhere that you could embed in a page?


  1. Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada
  2. Bloc Québécois
  3. Canadian Action Party
  4. Christian Heritage Party of Canada
  5. Communist Party of Canada
  6. Conservative Party of Canada
  7. First Peoples National Party of Canada
  8. Green Party of Canada
  9. Liberal Party of Canada
  10. Libertarian Party of Canada
  11. Marijuana Party
  12. Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
  14. New Democratic Party
  15. Newfoundland and Labrador First Party
  16. Progressive Canadian Party
  17. Western Block Party

Eligible Parties Who Might Run Candidates

  1. People's Political Power Party of Canada
  2. Work Less Party

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