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Building the Government

You and 1000 of your closest friends decided to take a cruise on board a luxury liner. Unfortunately, the boat sank. However, everyone was saved. Sadly, all of you have been stranded on an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. There is no realistic hope of rescue. You have to assume you will live the rest of your life on this island. You have to plan for that.

Today you're going to build a government for an imaginary country.
 What would it look like? What should a Biblically-modeled government do?

A government needs a few key parts.
  • A leader to provide direction for the government.
    • How is this leader chosen?
  • Different government departments for areas the government is or should be responsible for.
  • People to lead the different parts of the government.
    • How are these department leaders chosen?
  • Rules for who can be part of the government.
    • How are these people chosen?
  • Rules for how long people can be in government. Once chosen, are they in there for life?
You have the opportunity to create an "ideal" government.
  • What would it look like?
  • What would it be in charge of?
  • How would it conform to Biblical ideas?
  • What are Biblical ideas of government anyway?
Set up a chart showing what your government would look like, maybe something like this. Provide a sentence or two description for each person in the structure.

Chosen by government members
 Minister of Food
Allots rations to the people.
 Minister of Justice
Takes care of police, prisons, etc
Minister of Defence
Runs army, navy.
 Minister of Libraries
Makes sure all the libraries have enough books
 Minister of Trees
Decides who may chop down trees in National Forest
Government ministers are chosen by the leader to serve 3 year terms.
 Government Members - Elected by people for five years each.
     Average People (choose gov't members)

Lay out your government structure in an attractive and easily understandable way. Be prepared to explain your system to the class and explain how it conforms to Biblical ideas.

 Clear structure on paper
 Clearly explained Structure (orally)
 Good Biblical linkages (especially when you present)