Bunny Bunny

Bunny is a fun group game whose object is to fool other players into penalties with the speed, complexity and cunning of the various different bunny passes.

How to Play

The starter of the game is known by various names, including Bunny Master or Super Bunny. They put their thumbs to their head like bunny ears, waving their fingers up and down in a bunny fashion. The people to their left and right are known as the Bunny Master Minions. The person to the Bunny Master's right waves their left hand, whilst the minion to the Master's left waves their right hand, mimicking the Bunny Master.

The Bunny Master must then pass the bunny to another player who must take possession of the bunny by putting their thumbs to their temples and waggling their 'bunny ears'. The players on either side of the new possessor of the bunny must also 'mirror' the bunny.

For the pass to be legitimate, the original Bunny Master must fully remove their thumbs from their temples. The minions who were mirroring the Bunny Master must also remove their thumb from their temple and cease to mirror.

Failure to adhere to these rules or any other will result in the player getting eliminated from that round.


New bunny passes may be introduced into the game, over progressive rounds, to increase the difficulty level. Example passes include:

Simple Pass - Both thumbs are released from the temple and the arms are stretched out horizontally with the hands together, and the index fingers pointing clearly at another player, who must then pick up the bunny.

One Man Pass - The Super Bunny removes one of their thumbs from their temple, and the bunny is passed to the player next to them on the same side that the remaining bunny ear of the passing player is still waggling. So if the right hand is dropped, the bunny is passed one player to the left (and vice versa). This pass is also known as the Leeds Pass.

Two Man Pass - The Super Bunny removes both thumbs from their temples, and then places one thumb on their nose with the palm of the hand facing in one direction or the other around the circle. The direction that the palm faces in determines the direction the pass goes in. This means that is the right hand is being used, the bunny is passed to the player next but one on the left of the passing player (the bunny is passed two players to the left). This pass is also known as the Bradford Pass.

Three Man Pass - The Super Bunny removes one thumb from one of their temples and puts it on their nose, with the palm facing in the direction of the pass. The bunny is thus passed to the player three players along the circle in the direction of the palm. This pass is also known as the Exeter Pass.

Dummy Passes

However, players should be aware of fake passing - known as the Dummy Pass. These fakes are used by the Super Bunny to trick another player into picking up the bunny when it had not in fact been 'passed' or 'thrown' to that player. There is of course a drinking penalty if you are duped by this.

The Stare Dummy - The Super Bunny stares at another player other than the one they are passing to, making that player think they are the one being passes to.

The Nod Dummy - The Super Bunny feigns a simple pass by pointing with their index fingers and nodding in the direction of the player to be dummied. However, because their thumbs never leave their temples, the bunny is never released.

The Loughborough Dummy - In this fake, the hand that drops the bunny is used to point at the player to be dummied. Of course the real One Man Pass (see above) is to the player next to the Super Bunny. For example a player issues a One Man Pass to their right, by dropping their left hand, but points with that left hand across the circle at another player.

Adapted from http://www.studentdrinkinggames.com/coordination/bunny.html