Flag Day

Today is Flag Day. On this day in 1965 the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag was raised on Parliament Hill for the very first time.

Using the sources listed at the bottom, try to answer the following questions.
 Fill in your answers on the form provided here. Be certain of your answers, because once you click, you can't change your mind.
  1. Who was prime minister when the Canadian flag was adopted?
  2. What was our previous flag called?
  3. What date was the maple leaf flag officially raised for the first time as our national flag?
  4. What are Canada's official colors?
  5. Who were those colors supposed to represent?
  6. Who was Governor General when we adopted the new flag?
  7. How many points appear on the maple leaf on the flag?
  8. How many points appear on a real maple leaf? (Give the highest number you can find. It can vary a lot.)
  9. Which former prime minister really did not like the new maple leaf flag?
  10. How was the original proclamation declaring Canada's new flag fixed when it was damaged?


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