Civic Election

Winnipeg Electoral Boundaries

  1. Using the map, find the city council ward that you live in.
  2. When you've done that, use the websites listed below to find out who all the candidates are in your area.
  3. Search through the news sites to find additional information.
  4. Many of the candidates have public Facebook pages. You can search for these on Google without logging into Facebook.
  5. If your council candidates don't look interesting enough, or if you can't find enough information on them, find out about the candidates for mayor instead.
  6. When you have collected all the information you need, decide which of the candidates you think is the best. Pick a candidate who tells you what he/she supports. Don't pick one who only gives empty slogans.
  7. When you've decided on your candidate, create a campaign poster for him/her. It should:
    • List the candidate's name. (1)
    • List the riding he/she is in (or if running for mayor, mention that instead). (1)
    • List two substantial reasons why you should support this candidate based on what you know about their stands on the issues. (4)
      • Eg: For better roads in Transcona! or For a more visible police presence in the West End!
  8. Be sure that your poster is attractive, tidy and shows pride in how it was made. Be ready to present your best effort to the class.