Winter Ideas

  1. Overexpose for snow.
  2. Backlight your subject.
  3. Try for a startburst effect.
    • Small apertures work best.
  4. Shoot hoarfrost on leaves, branches, etc.
  5. Frosty patterns on glass.
  6. Shoot frozen bubbles.
  7. Shoot in black and white.
  8. Shoot color against a white background.
  9. Photograph the birds and bunnies.
  10. Get a shot of snow covered weeds.
  11. Show the falling snow.
    1. A dark colored subject will provide contrast.
    2. Use a fast shutter speed.
  12. Follow dark tracks through the snow.
  13. Photograph someone catching snow on her tongue.
  14. Shoot someone tossing fluffy snow at you.