Tell Me a Story

Today (and Friday) you are going to tell a story in 6 pictures. There will be no words in your story, only pictures.
 Six pictures, not eight, or seven, or five. Six.
  1. The plot of the story can be whatever you want, so long as you follow a few simple rules.
    • The story must be in good taste.
    • The story should be non-violent. 
      • Nobody gets pushed down the stairs, beaten up, or hurt in some other way.
  2. The story should be clear and easy to understand. Your pictures must convey the story as clearly as words normally word.
  3. If you can build a moral in there, that would be fantastic.
  4. Plan out your story and your shots BEFORE you go to shoot them.
    • This isn't an excuse to wander the building looking for ideas.
    • Have you plan ready before you start.
  5. Ignore the Rule of Thirds and try to get the action in your picture in the center.
  6. When you've got six good shots for your story, you're going to upload them to Big Huge Labs and create a photo montage using Mosaic Maker.
  7. Make sure your mosaic is 2 by 3 (or 3 by 2).
  8. When you are done, save your mosaic, send it off to the photo shop, and have it printed as your weekly assignment.
  9. You will need to work with other people to complete your story. 
    • Each of you will complete your own, individual and unique story.
    • When your story is shot, you're not done. You will need to appear in other people's photos, too, so be generous with your time.