Tableaux vivants

Today you're going to learn how to make a "tableau vivant." A tableau is a painting, photo, or drama piece where a moment in time is dramatically frozen. Typically the gazes of the people in the tableau lead you some, central and important element.
If you study the pictures below, you'll see that in each case your eye is led to some spot. Usually that spot is in the middle of the picture, but it may also be "off screen."

Day 1

In class today, with the aid of a group, you will create and photograph several "tableaux vivant." Your themes will be:
  1. Bill, the big burly football player, has been injured on the field, probably seriously. He is in great pain and is surrounded by concerned coaches, the team trainer, and several other players.
  2. The most popular girl in school is talking and laughing with a group of boys.
  3. The goalie looks behind him as the puck slides by.
  4. The candidate running for Prime Minister is cheered on by wild crowds.
  5. The baseball leaves the stadium as the batter starts to run to first base.
  6. The thieves getaway vehicle was followed closely by a police car. They've both gone by. What do the people on the street look like?

Day 2

  1. Dream up a subject for your own tableau.
    • It should be original
    • It should use at least four people
    • It should be in remarkably good taste and be based around wholesome themes.
  2. Get into a group of four or five people.
    • Take turns arranging the members of your group into tableaux, each person working with the theme he has chosen.
      • When arranging people in the tableau be sure they know what they're looking at and where it (or would be).
    • Shoot the tableau from as many different angles as possible.
    • When the first person has had time to arrange the members of the group and take pictures, move on to the second person's tableau.
  3. When everyone's done, upload your pictures to the Shared Directory.