Photo Essay

Today we're making a photo essay. Our theme is Linden at 1:30.

  1. Today your assignment is to go out into the lobby of Linden Christian and take photos there for about 20-30 minutes.
    • Take lots of photos.
    • Tons.
    • Hundreds.
    • You'll need 'em.
  2. You're inconveniencing people as you take pictures.
    • Make sure they don't mind being photographed.
    • Try to stay out of the traffic paths.
  3. After doing that, you'll load your photos onto the shared directory, into the Mr.Dykstra folder.
    • Be sure to create a directory for yourself as you'll want to use your own photos for this.
  4. You are then going to pick 20 photos and stick them together in a PowerPoint presentation titled Linden at 1:30.
    • Each of your 20 photos should appear on a separate slide. Thus, you'll have 20 slides.
    • Your photos should rigorously follow the Rule of Thirds.
    • Include a minimal amount of text with each photo, perhaps a sentence or two.
    • Don't forget to save your work regularly as you prepare the presentation.
  5. Be careful with your photo selection.
    • By the photos you pick or leave behind, you're making a statement about what Linden was like at 1:30 today.
      • What is the statement you want to make? It should be a fair, and honest one.
      • Was there happiness in Linden at the time? Was it busy? Was it filled with excitement?
    • The camera does lie. You can leave wildly varying impressions of Linden depending on what photos you feature. Be honest.
  6. You may also select a PowerPoint theme for your presentation.
    • Make sure it's appropriate to the image you want to present.
    • The color and design of your theme can affect how your images are received.
  7. These are your photos and your presentation. One final slide (#21) include a copyright notice such as Copyright 2009 by Tom Smith. All rights reserved.