Over and Under

Today you are going to create a collage of the pictures you are taking.


  • Your assignment is to take pictures of things from above them and below them.
  • You may take these pictures from any angle other than the normal one.
  • This obviously means that you're going to have to climb above things, or lie below them. You need to look at the world from a different angle.
  • You will want to take dozens of photos since you'll need 20 of them.
  • As you take pictures, try to ignore the Rule of Thirds and put the subject of your photo mainly in the center.


  • When you take the pictures, be sure to only go in areas where you are normally allowed. Even though you're doing a course assignment, you're still not supposed to be in the church balcony, or in the sanctuary unsupervised. The regular rules still apply.
  • You may circulate around the school with one other person.  Two is the maximum, not the minimum. Small groups of people are not permitted.
  • Wherever you go you should go quiet as church mice.


  • When you have taken your images, using Big Huge Labs' Mosaic Maker you are going to create a collage.
  • It should be set up as 4 images by 5 (or 5 by 4) so it could, theoretically, be printed out as a neat 8 by 10 photo.
  • Your images should be connected. There should be some sort of common theme that brings all of them together. Maybe it's people, or playgrounds, or cars, but there should be something.
  • Keep in mind that Mosaic Maker tends to grab only the middle of a picture leaving much of the sides out of it.
  • When you're done, submit it via Google Classroom.


  • Photo Quality
    • Are the photos clear?
    • Are they in focus?
    • Are they properly lit?
    • Are the angles of the photos unusual, fun, or different in some way?
  • Theme
    • Is there an apparent theme?
    • Is it logical?
    • Is it creative?
  • Layout
    • Is the collage laid out as a 4 by 5 or was some other arrangement chosen?
    • Does the layout help bring unity to the collage, or does it tear it apart?
      • If you're not sure what this means, when you put your layout together, ask.

Photos from Morguefile.