Monthly Projects

What you're doing

  • Each month you are going to pick one of the topics below making a different choice each month. 
  • You are going to take the required picture or pictures, and you will upload the assignment in digital form to the Google Drive folder provided for you. 
  • You will do this by the 20th of the month.

The topics to pick from

  1. Using motion blur, take several photos of cars going by where their lights are a blurred trail.
  2. Put a flower, leaf, or something similar in ice. Take pictures of it through the ice.
  3. If you live in the country, take a nice, clear picture of a starry night.
  4. Using a fast shutter speed, take a picture of running water so that the movement of the water is frozen, displaying individual drops or blobs of water.
  5. In black and white take an outdoor picture on a rainy or snowy day. Now take the same shot in color.
  6. Take a series of photos from the same location. Take one every 60 minutes for 12 hours to create a "day in the life."
  7. Take a series of photos at the same time of day for one week to act as a kind of diary showing what you were doing.
  8. Take a picture underwater. (Only do this if you have a camera that works underwater.)
  9. Take a portrait of someone first in portrait mode, and then in landscape. Both photos should be taken at the same place at the same time. What do you have to do to make each photo look as good as the other?
  10. Take a picture of a splash. Not the object hitting the water, but the splash itself. See if you can freeze the action.
  11. Take a picture of something boring such as the lines on a parking lot. Make it look exciting.
  12. Find a face in an unexpected place. You're not looking for a real face, but maybe one you "see" in the arrangement of fruit in a bowl, or leaves on the ground, etc. Don't set it up. Be observant and see what you can find.
  13. Take a portrait of someone, but do not include their face in the picture. What can you tell about the subject without his or her face being in the picture?
  14. Take a series of very different photos for one week. Take them in black and white only. Which photos look good and which look bad?
  15. Get up out of your house and walk down to a friend's place/the mall/the library/the grocery store/7-11/wherever. Take at least 10 photos as you go. What can you take photos of that you wouldn't normally think to shoot?
  16. Take a picture of something old. How do you highlight its age and its value?
  17. Take a picture of a newborn or very young baby from the child's level. Get down on the floor and shoot on a level even with them, or perhaps you could shoot  up at them with the child looking down at you.
  18. Look up. Look way up. Take pictures of something interesting that is above you. Make sure that your subject is large enough that we can see detail from it. (For example, do NOT take pictures of tiny planes way up in the sky. DO take pictures of murals on the ceiling.)
  19. Take pictures with the early light of dawn. The world looks different as the sun is just creeping over the horizon.
  20. Using a smart phone or tablet, create a panoramic photo.
  21. Organise subject matter into patterns. You might lay out apples to form triangles, or credit/library/bank cards to form a grid.
  22. Take a picture of a bird. Make sure we can see its face, especially its eyes. It may be a tame bird (such as a budgie or canary) or a wild one (such as a chickadee).
  23. Take the same photo during blue and then during golden hour (or vice versa, depending on whether it's morning or evening).

The due date

  • For each month:
    • September 22
    • October 23
    • November 22
    • December 22
    • January 22
  • Photos should be named in a way that tells me what you're trying to take a picture of such as patterns.jpg, or splash.jpg.
  • Photos must be submitted no later than the last day of the month or the last day of classes in the term.
  • Photos from previous months will not be accepted.