Group Portraits


  1. Can you see everyone's head?
  2. Get in close so that background clutter is at a minimum.
  3. Pose the group.
    • Tall people behind and short people in front.
    • Tall people in the middle. Short people on the sides.
    • Avoid making the group too deep.
    • Avoid lining up the heads in lines that are too straight. Curves, and triangles are more exciting.
  4. How are their hands positioned?
    • The side of a hand makes it look slender.
    • The back of a hand makes it look strong.
  5. Keep hands occupied somehow. Hands hanging limply look dumb.


  1. Does the location say something about the group?
    • If you can, put them somewhere where they're comfortable.
  2. Are there distractions in the background?
  3. Don't take a shot right in front of a window. It will like mess with the light readings on your camera.

Other tips

  1. Take multiple shots.
    • People often relax after the first shot and you get a more natural response.
    • Try putting your camera on burst mode.
  2. Have everyone look up a bit. This will eliminate a lot of multiple chins.
  3. Communicate. You're the photographer. Let people know what you expect.
  4. Smile. The photographer staying positive helps the group stay positive.


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