The school library gives out bookmarks to the elementary kids when they sign out a book. The problem that the library has is to have a large and continually changing variety of bookmarks that keep kids interested. Today we're going to try and change that.

Your theme is "Reading in a Winter Wonderland."
  1. On a single 8.5*11 sheet of paper you are going to create four bookmarks. 
  2. The four bookmarks will be about reading (in some way) and will focus on a common theme.
  3. The theme will appear on each bookmark and should be tied into literacy, such as "Reading is an adventure." 
    • The theme should, of course, be in good taste and be age appropriate.
  4. You'll make the book marks in Word. 
  5. The bookmarks will be be as wide as the long as the page is wide, and there will be four of them in the height of the page much like the table to the right.
  6. Each bookmark should have a unique picture. In other words, you'll need to have four different yet related pictures.
  7. Since the bookmarks will be copied in black and white, the photos used should be in black and white, or changed into black and white.
  8. Use your photo editing skills to remove people from their regular backgrounds, and then put them into new ones.
  9. We'll pass the bookmarks on to the library, and Mrs. Inglis will decide which ones she's willing to use. If she figures that yours is okay, that's an easy five marks. If she doesn't like them, then you can try again.
  10. Pretty simple, eh?