10 Rules For Taking a Good Portrait

Take each of the 10 rules listed below and

  1. Relax your subject. People look better when they're relaxed.
  2. Make sure your subject is the main part of the picture.
  3. Try to frame your subject.
  4. Make sure your subject looks their personal best.
  5. Be certain your background isn't cluttered.
  6. Make sure your subject stands out from the background.
  7. Try to capture your subject in a pose that really captures their personality.
  8. Don't be too close to your subject either physically or with your zoom. This can distort their appearance.
  9. Be sure the lighting is appropriate, not too bright nor too dark for the location.
  10. Make sure your subject is in focus.
  • For each rule, you want to create two shots.
    • One picture should be where the rule is being followed and one should be where the rule is being broken.
  • You should probably work in groups of three for this.
    1. One person can act as the subject of the photos.
    2. One can be the photographer who is in the photos.
    3. The third person actually takes the pictures.
  • When all the groups are done we'll compile an online gallery of good and bad ways to take a portrait.