Principles of Design

Good design creates good layouts, and in desktop publishing good layouts are everything.

Five of the principles in good design are 
  • balance, 
  • unity, 
  • contrast, 
  • simplicity, 
  • and emphasis.

You will use these five principles as a guide for your assignment.

  1. Rooting through newspapers or magazines, you need to find ads that demonstrate the above five principles. Each ad should be a particularly good, or particularly bad example of one principle.
  2. You should explain in writing in about 100 to 200 word how the ad demonstrates the particular design principle.
  3. Color or black and white ads are equally acceptable though a mixture of both is ideal.
  4. A variety of ad subjects is best. Don't just do skateboarding ads or clothing ads.


 Each different ad1 mark
 Thoughtful explanation for each ad2 marks


With thanks to Todd Peters for the original assignment from which this is adapted.