Media Insert DVD Insert for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Find a suitable DVD insert template in MS Publisher under Publications for Print→Labels→CD/DVD Labels. These aren't perfect templates, but they'll do for now.

You are making a DVD case liner for a cheesy DVD like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. You are welcome to use some other silly film, but it should be a silly, goofy film, not something serious. How about Godzilla vs. Mothra? Maybe Dracula vs. Frankenstein or Galaxy Quest?

Keep in mind that it is often the DVD case that catches people's attention and helps them decide whether or not to purchase the movie. Therefore your liner must be eye catching and detail providing without being too ridiculous.
  1. You are doing the outside of your DVD. The inside of a DVD rarely has anything useful in it.
  2. Your DVD insert will need a title. It should be something appropriate to the movie you've selected. The movie title is the most logical choice.
  3. Your movie needs a slogan.
      • For Attack of the Killer Tomatoes it might be: "You thought going to the produce department was boring."
  4. You should have an illustration of some type that also suits the nature of your movie. Ideally, this illustration will continue over to the back giving one united appearance to your insert.
      • For Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, a picture of a tomato is obvious, but how would you indicated a sense of danger connected with tomatoes?
      • What might be a good background color for Galaxy Quest?
  5. Your insert should have a background color that's suitable.
      • Pink and yellow would not make sense with a movie like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
      • Be careful not to go over the top, even with a movie as silly as the ones you'll be looking at.
  6. Somewhere on the front, you should list the major stars. The Internet Movie Database is a good place to find this information.
  7. On the back additional information such as length of the film, director, etc, should be added in.
  8. This is an opportunity to be silly and to have a bit of fun with this assignment. Don't be afraid to be at least a bit goofy. (Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to, Stefan.)