Desktop Publishing 35S Course Outline


Credits: 0.5

Instructor: James Dykstra

This course is a basic introduction to Desktop Publishing and looks for practical ways to apply it. The course will be project based which means if you work hard in class every day, you should be able to keep up.
The process of creating, editing, and revising will normally take about three classes per assignment.

Course Content

There will be two different parts to this course. They may be worked on simultaneously depending on the circumstances.
  1. This section will cover basic elements of desktop publishing. This will be applied by doing various projects on topics listed below.
    1. Brochure
    2. Flyer
    3. Media Insert
    4. Newsletter
    5. Poster
    6. Program 
      • For each project, there are three phases.
        1. Construct the initial assignment.
        2. Pass the assignment to someone else to critique, and also critique someone else’s work.
        3. Based on the critique, improve your assignment and hand it in.
      • Evaluation for this section
        • Completing an initial draft. 
          • You may not hand in your final draft if it has not been evaluated by someone in the class.
        • Correcting other people's work with constructive criticism (Out of 5)
          • You should correct one person's work for each project.
        • Second/Final Draft to be submitted for marking (Out of 25)
    1. This section will apply the principles you are learning to a real life situation, namely yearbook layout.
      • We'll work on the school yearbook, developing page layouts and filling them in with pictures.
      • We will use Adobe InDesign and/or the Friesen Yearbook website for these assignments.

    Because you are involved in proofreading and critiquing other people's work, it's critical that you keep up with the rest of the class.


    Various projects will make up 100% of the course mark.

    These project may include desktop publishing assignment, photo editing, and creating yearbook templates.

    There will be no final exam in this course.