Association of Widget Manufacturers

You are going to make a two page newsletter for the United Widget Manufacturers of Canada.
  • (You may create some equally silly organization for this assignment if you choose. How about the Grapple Grommet Importers of America? Maybe the Society of Invisible People? It would be hard to find relevant pictures for that one.)
You can take a standard four page newsletter template in Publisher and delete the extra two pages by right clicking on them and picking "delete."

So what would you put in a newsletter for United Widget? How about:
  • the latest sales figures.
  • ways to join the association.
  • ways to sell more widgets.
  • profiles of the greatest widget salesmen/women/people/beings.
  • stories about widget manufacturing breakthroughs.
  • an explanation of what a widget is.
What other things should you think about?
  • Photos.
    • What does a widget look like? (See here, )
    • Do you have a photo of the salesman/woman/person/being of the month?
  • Fonts.
    • What font is appropriate to your organization?
    • Would a serious organization use Jokerman or Comic Sans MS? Probably not.
    • How readable is your font?
      • Is it big enough?
      • Is it simple and clear enough?
  • Layout. Where does the eye wander? Photos can pull your eye to a dull, over looked corner, or can distract you from seeing something important.
  • Content.
    • Does it make sense?
    • Is it tasteful?
    • Is it relevant to your topic?