Advertising Your School

For this activity you are going to create a brochure advertising your school, Linden Christian, to prospective students and parents. It will be the same style of six sided brochure that you created in the previous assignment.
Take a look at the things Linden considers to be important in their own brochure:
  • Exceptional Teaching Staff
  • Solid Academic Reputation
  • Athletics
  • Music
  • Before and After School Program
  • SOFA
  1. Since you're the one creating the brochures, what are the things about Linden you think are important to remember?
    • These items should show up in really obvious places.
    • You should mention at least something bout the programs offered here since a school isn't much without courses.
    • You can pick other things than the school emphasizes. For example, you might mention
      • the building,
      • the playground,
      • a sense of community,
      • or maybe even the chapels. 
  2. What colors should figure prominently in your brochure?
    • The school colors are the obvious choice but not the only thing you could pick.
    • Background colors are almost always white.
  3. What are appropriate fonts for your brochure?
    • Do you want something ornate like Signature, or something plain and elegant like Tahoma?
    • With each font, what are you saying about the school in your brochure?
  4. Be careful not to make the text too dense. The Internet has trained people to be lazy and they don't like to read large amounts of text.
    • If you have to have a lot of text, break it up
      • into paragraphs.
      • with bullet points.
      • with pictures.
  5. What photos should you use?
    • Is it important to see pictures of the building, of staff, of students, or perhaps some combination of all three?
    • What really draws people to send their children to a school?
    • Should these be photos of real Linden students and staff, or, for privacy reasons, should they be stock photos?
  6. What should appear on the cover? What you put here really says a lot about what you think your school stands for.
    • Text?
    • A photo?
      • Of the school?
      • Of the staff?
      • Of the students?
  7. Do you want to show Linden as it is or how it could be?