The Story

Videos tell stories in a way that words alone cannot. The Ramsey Brothers, some of whose videos are featured on the left, are master story tellers.

Take a few minutes and watch the videos. They're well told stories that generally have some pretty clever writing.

When you're done, ask yourself a few simple questions.
  1. In each video, how many different sets were used? How many times did the filming change to a different location?
  2. In each video, how many different costumes does each actor wear?
  3. In each video, how many different people play roles? How many actors are there?
What you'll notice is that the videos are actually very, very simple. There's normally only one location, a few actors, and just one costume per actor.

What is done in a more complex way is that there
  1. Great costumes
    • This takes advance planning. You'd really need to think this one out in advance.
  2. Multiple camera angles
    • This is easy enough to accomplish. You have to be organized and have two or more people in different locations filming the same scene
  3. Clever writing
    • This is tough. You need a great plot. You need witty writing. This is usually done by two or more people. One person may think something is funny, but a group might disagree with him. Working together you will hopefully get rid of the awful phrases and jokes.
What you are going to do for this assignment is to create a short video about 3 to 4 minutes in length. 
  1. It should tell a story.
  2. It should take place in only one location.
  3. The actors should have well planned and well chosen costumes, but there should be only one costume per actor.
  4. You should storyboard your video before you do it.
  5. You may work on this in a group of up to four people.