Video productions can be elaborate things and they tend to require a bit of  advance planning. This planning involves storyboarding.
Storyboarding is simply the process of drawing out key moments in your story in a series of panels.
You are going to create a storyboard of a 60 second T.V. advertisement. It can be for one of several products:
  1. A chocolate bar
  2. Tomato soup
  3. Yo-yos
  4. Bubble gum
  5. Slushee drink


 Your storyboard:
  1. Should have 10 panels.
  2. Should have a caption for at least some of the panels to explain what is happening.
  3. Should be done tastefully. That means it shouldn't be blasphemous, racist, gross, sexist, profane, etc. It should be something that can proudly be shown off in a Christian church or school without fear of offending someone.
  4. Should be understandable. No one is expecting you to be a brilliant artist, but the storyboard should still be clear enough that an average person can figure out what your drawings represent.
  5. May be done with a partner, but doesn't have to be.
  6. May be done on paper, or electronically depending on what you prefer.

Examples of other people's storyboards to help inspire you

  1. Potential Taco Bell commercial
  2. Storyboards-East
  3. Incredible Hulk


Story Overview
  • Based on the pictures and text, can  you follow the plot line?
  • Is a story being told or is it a random series of events?
  • Is the text short and snappy?
  • Is the text descriptive?
  • Is the text helpful in understanding the events in the frame?
  • W/o being artistic masterpieces, do the drawings show thoughtfulness and a creative approach?
  • Are they done in a tidy manner or are they just scribbled?
  • Is it tidy? Does it look presentable?
  • Was it done with obvious care and attention?
  • Is it done on a previously unused blank sheet of paper that is not torn, ripped, crumpled or marred in any way.