Green Screening It

Today we're going to create a short video using green screen techniques.
A green screen is simply a green, evenly lit background. You film some sort of action against it, and then in the editing process you exchange your green background for something else such as a picture of the Eiffel Tower, or a video of cars driving by.

Green screens are most commonly used when filming the weather on TV. The big weather maps that you see are not really in the studio but are added in during the editing process.
For our Green Screen, we'll be using some rolls of green paper. If necessary, we can put them up in different locations around the school to get the even lighting we need.
  1. Your video is going to be one minute long.
  2. Start out by filming yourself (or your partner) in front of a green screen for about one minute.
    • You could be dancing, singing, or reciting a poem or speech.
    • Just make sure it's in good taste, whatever it is.
  3. Then film your background.
    • It could be the traffic going by.
    • It could be people on the play structure.
    • It may be clouds scudding across the sky.
    • It should have something to do with whatever you did in the first part (singing, dancing, or whatever).
    • Be creative.
  4. In the editing process, use the available special effect (under Chroma) to replace your green background with the video you produced.
  5. You should each be in your own video, and edit your own video. In other words, you'll each have to take turns filming your segment.


  • Is it at least one minute? (2)
  • Is the background appropriate to the activity? (4)
  • Is the background replacement believable? (4)