Be True to Your School


You are going to create a promotional video for Linden.
  1. It will be two to three minutes in length.
  2. You will need to plan this out, or storyboard your video.
  3. There's different format choices
    • Interview
    • Dance
    • Music
    • News show that cuts to other "reporters"
    • There's other ways to do this that probably haven't occurred to me yet.
  4. The video should have a clear message. What is the central idea you want people to walk away with? What are you saying is important about the school you attend?
    • Christian character
    • Academics
    • Sports
    • This school is serious
    • This school is fun
    • This school is caring
    • Something else. The message must be a positive one.
  5. The video should have a unifying theme.
    • The students of the school
    • The staff of the school
    • The energy of the school
    • The geography of the school.
    • The music of the school.
    • Something else. There's a lot of things that could tie a video like this together, but, once again, it must be a positive theme.
  6. You need video excellence. This means
    • A variety of shots
    • A variety of locations
    • In clear, sharp focus
    • Strong audio quality
  7. To the left are sample student videos. 
    • I'm not suggesting that any one of them is an example to imitate, but they all have parts that can inspire you to create a more interesting video. 
    • All these videos deliver a message. Think about it for a moment. What are these videos trying to say about a school or about education in general?


 Clear Message 
 Unifying Theme 
 Video Excellence