Digital Scavenger Hunt


  1. Today you are going on a Digital Scavenger Hunt. Around the church and school you are going to find the answers to the questions below. 
  2. You will take a picture of that answer and, when you're done, return it to the lab and submit it.
  3. Nothing needs to be taken or collected in any way.
  4. With the exception of the library, you don't need to get help from anyone.
  5. Some answers are indoors, and a few are outdoors. To get the answers outdoors, you don't need to run through flower beds nor through any kind of vegetation other than grass.
  6. You do not need to go anywhere you are not normally allowed to go. In other words, you don't need to go into the church sanctuary, classrooms, or the little kids' hallway close to the office. There are no answers there.


  1. What is special today?
  2. Where do you sit for music lessons?
  3. What school do you go to?
  4. What are the church's favorite colors?
  5. Which flowers are in bloom today?
  6. Who authored the lockers?
  7. Who lives three doors down from Mr. Reeve?
  8. Which newspapers does the library subscribe to?
  9. What's on TV?
  10. Who fixes computers?
  11. How much carbon monoxide is in the air?
  12. Where would you find glass that won't come clean?
  13. When was the church built?
  14. In the library, what is your favorite magazine? (Hint: The librarians would love to help you find the magazines if you don't know where they are.)
  15. Where does fire drive?
  16. Outside, find me an angry pedestrian.
  17. If Wallace were to visit Wallace, where might they meet up?
  18. Which rooms are for sleeping?
  19. Close to Anne is Miss Brooks. Who should I be off to see?
  20. He's the only teacher to have a movie made about his family.
  21. In the basement, you'll find a version of Wingsmail.
  22. Where would you find the middle of music?
  23. What's the school day?
  24. Be kind, speak truth...
  25. What should we dole out?
  26. In what school is the big gym?
  27. What are you doing today?
  28. In which room are you unenthused?
  29. Slipping on loose sand is dangerous unless it's this.
  30. What time and date is it at Grant Memorial?
  31. Do you push or pull a fire?
  32. Have you noticed peanuts?
  33. Where do you check in for your flight?
  34. I scream, you scream, we all scream...
  35. What do we strive for?
  36. Where were children helped by a sofa?
  37. Who was excellent in 2002?
  38. Where do I find the latest news?
  39. Are you feeling fibrillated?
  40. I was lost and now am found. I have a lot of value, you see.
  41. So far my Scrabble score is 16.
  42. Where does learning take flight?