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Tweeting Your Classes

This assignment is going to be the easiest possible way to earn marks in a course.
  1. Every class we have in this course, you are going to "tweet" what you did in the class on our specially enabled "blog" at
  2. This blog is set up in the style of Twitter. The idea is that you only need to post a short burst to say what you're doing.
    • By doing this every class, I'll know if you're ahead or behind on your work and, if need be, so will your parents. (Bwah haa haa ha!)
  3. You also need to respond to (comment on) one other person's post. You could
    • offer helpful advice,
    • commiserate with them in their misery.
    • share the secrets of your success.
  4. A few rules
    • No mention of physical locations.
    • You may only mention people by first names or nicknames. No last names allowed.
    •  All posts must be polite and in such good taste that you could show them to your grandmother. This is a public forum so you need to behave as if you're in public. Rude or vulgar posts will be deleted.