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Olympics PowerPoint

You are going to create a PowerPoint presentation on the upcoming Vancouver Winter Olympics. The best presentation generated by the AICT classes will be shown at a K-4 Chapel shortly before their February Winter Carnival.
What do you need to do?

Create a PowerPoint.

  1. It should be about two to three minutes long, or about the length of one piece of stirring music.
    • The music will come from one of the sites listed at the bottom of this page.
    • The music will be instrumental.
    • It will be appropriate for a K-4 audience.
    • It will be at least two minutes in length.
  2. It should be self-timed.
    • In other words, when you start the slide show, it should move from slide to slide on its own without you doing anything.
    • Each slide should be visible for about five seconds.
  3. It should feature Canadian heroes from past Winter Olympics such as
  4. It should should include some of the hype about the upcoming Olympics including
    • the venues,
    • the logos,
    • the mascots,
    • the torch relay,
    • and many more!
A lot of useful pictures can be found on
  1. Wikimedia Commons for past Olympics
  2. Wikimedia Commons for the 2010 Games
  3. Pictures of
  4. Historic Olympic Hockey Jerseys
  5. Photos from Flickr.
    • Check carefully. Some of these photos are Creative Commons, and some are fully copyrighted (all rights reserved).
    • Do NOT use ones that have all rights reserved.
Sources for music:
  1. Classic Cat
  2. Incompetech
  3. Free Play Music