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Applying Information and Communication Technology 2 15F Course Outline

Instructor: James Dykstra


Credit Value: 0.5

Course Content

This course is intended to build on and expand the computer skills students picked up in elementary and middle years classes. However, since this is being done in a Christian school, it's not enough to merely learn to use the tools, but we have to think about why we're using them. Teenagers today have a greater ability to communicate an idea around the world than any generation that has ever lived in the history of the world. That is real power. However, "with great power comes great responsibility." Knowing who you are ultimately responsible to, how will you use that power?

The course is project based and will consist of several sections.

  1. Fake News
  2. Spreadsheets
  3. A Presentation
  4. O Canada Choir
  5. Storyboarding
  6. Branching Multimedia


You should check the calendar on the front page of my website to see what we're doing that day. You can look for due dates here, but if somehow you don't spot one if a new assignment is posted, you can assume the previous one is due and so you will be submitting it in the next day or two.


Assignments  100%

Note: Most assignments have a pre-planning and a reflection part. Do these sections, as well as the main project. They do add up.

There is no Final exam in this course.