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Word Final Assignment

You are going to create a brand new document of about 500 words. You will use the research principles that you learned at the beginning of the term to pick out some good sites to use. You will have at least three sources.

You will type up  your document. It will need to have several features which are listed below.
  1. A title in a larger font size than the body text.
  2. The title should be a different font face than the body text
  3. The title should be centered.
  4. One page of your document (and only one page) should display the content in two columns.
  5. A numbered (or lettered) list
  6. At least one paragraph whose margin(s) is indented compared to the rest of the text. (This would be a great place for a quote.)
  7. Drop Caps on each section (at least two examples of hanging caps)
  8. At least one use of an accent or other foreign character or special character (not normally on an English keyboard) such as an accented letter.
  9. It should be double spaced.
  10. Right align (aka right justify) one paragraph.
  11. One obvious hard page break.
  12. You should have a header (or footer, not both) that is different on even and odd pages. One page should have the date and the other should have your name.
Each item is worth 2 marks except for 12 which is worth 4. Your research is worth 5.
James Dykstra,
Nov 10, 2011, 9:22 AM