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Making a fake video source

If you see an incredible video, you have to ask yourself, can it be real?
  1. Analyze the video yourself? Could it possibly be true? Can you trust it?
    • Is the event too amazing to be true?
    • Is the video quality too poor to be real?
    • Are there cuts back and forth where you lose critical information?
  2. What is the source of the video? Do you find it somewhere credible like a TV station's website like or on something like YouTube that anyone can contribute to?
  3. Search for corroborating information. Are there are sources that comment on the video and explain how real or fake it is?
What is it that makes a video appear to be real or fake?

    1. The jumping video looks real, but not a single Internet source thinks the jump is possible.
    2. Obviously the House Hippos video has been faked, but it looks quite real.
    3. The Pong video looks real. Why isn't it? 
    Watch the three videos below and explain why they appear to be real or fake. Give at least three reasons for each.

    When you've done that, take your answers and compare them, in a group, with three other people. What makes a video appear to be real, even though it's not?

    Creating a Fake Commercial

    With a small group you are going to create a short video of about 30 seconds that advertises a product that is fake yet appears to be real.
    1. Storyboard the script. (5)
      • You should have at least 10 panels in your storyboard.
      • The drawings should be clear and easy to interpret.
      • Use pencil, or pencil crayon, but not pen. Drawings like that tend to get very messy.
      • Include a sentence with each panel to describe what's happening there.
      • The story board should be neat and the lines dividing the panels should be straight and parallel or perpendicular to each other.
    2. Write a short script. The topic of your ad should be a clearly nonsensical product. (5)
      • What is your product?
      • How are you going to make this odd product look normal?
      • What will you say in the script?
      • What will you include in the filming?
      • How many people are in the script and who is left over to do the filming?
      • When you rehearse it, is it 30 seconds long?
    3. Film the video. (10)
      • Edit the video
      • Do you include multiple camera angles?
        • Do these "cuts" make it easier to believe the claims of your commercial?
      • Are the people in your video clear and easy to hear?
      • Does the video follow a logical order that makes the story easy to understand?
      • Make sure the video has credits so you can get marks for the assignment.
        • Include only your first name and (if necessary) last initial in the credits.
    4. Show the video to the class


    1. Storyboard (5)

      • Did it come in?
      • Does it display a logical, reasonable storyline?
      • Are the pictures clear enough that you can tell what the storyline is?
      • Does the extra text below the pictures add to your understanding of the story?
    2. Script (5)
      • Does it appear to be long enough?
      • Does it appear to be well thought out?
      • Does it have vocabulary appropriate to the video?
    3. Video (10)
      • Can you easily hear it? Does the audio echo or it smooth and clear? Are there extra effects such as sound effects or music?
      • It the video smooth flowing or is it choppy?
      • Is it polished?
      • Are there cool effects that show someone went the extra mile?