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Final Database Project

Marking Guide

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Final Database Project

Since a database is a good tool to organize information with, you have decided to create a database to track all of your music. This project allows you to customize your database to reflect the format of your music (I-pod, MP3, or CD). If your music is in CD format, you will need to record the title of the CD as well as the title of the song. Name your database Music_[your first initial and last name] and save it in your home directory with your other Access work.

Database Format

Your database should include at least six fields such as the following:

  • Song ID

  • Song Title

  • Artist

  • Format

  • CD Title

  • Date of Purchase (either the CD purchase date or the date of purchasing the download rights)

  • Genre (pop, contemporary Christian, etc.)

You may also add fields that you feel are necessary to make this database work well for you. Two fields should be look-up fields. One ID field is to be auto number and set as your primary key by clicking the key on the database toolbar. The rest of the fields need to have a suitable data type and size. You will need to decide on default values and whether or not to require a field. All of the fields must have a suitable name and a suitable caption. Give the table an appropriate name.

Database Includes…

  • An easy to use form for entering your data. Name the form some MyEasytoUseForm.

  • 25 records entered (remember to spell check and proofread)

  • A query to look for records of a specific type such as (in this case)  genre. Save the query with the name GenreSearch. Write the genre here: ________________

  • A report that displays all of the data in an easy to read format. Save the report with the name MyCoolReport.

If you wanted, this project is readily adaptable to other topics. You could catalogue books, addresses of your friends, etc. If you want to change the project a bit, run it by the teacher.

Questions to Answer

    1. What might be a related table that you could use in your database? Why?

    2. What field would you use to relate the two tables? Why?