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Final Access Project

You are going to create a database of historical figures using the information that you provided and other classmates provide for you.

Phase 1: Collect the data

  1. You are going to enter information asked for about 25 historical figures.
  2. They should be important and in the past (in other words, no longer living).

AICT 1 15F Access Final Assignment Information Input Form

Google Spreadsheet

If your data is not showing up in the form above, follow this link.

Phase 2: Prepare the database

  1. Then you are going to create a database using your information and that of your other classmates.
    • Your database will include information on at least 150 people.
  2. You will need at least five fields based on the ones in the spreadsheet at the bottom of this page.
  3. One of your fields should be gender. You will need to add this in. Do this using a Lookup Field for male and female.
  4. Import the information into a table (or two or three as appropriate) in your database.
  5. Set up a form so that you could enter more data into the database. (You will be asked to demonstrate this form to show that it works.)
  6. Set up a query to sort out only the people of the same gender as you are sorted out.

Phase 3: Make a report

  1. Create an attractive, easy to read report that shows the results of your query.
    • It should show the first and last names.
    • It should show the country these people are associated with.
    • It should show only people of the same gender as you.


 Collecting Data
 Importing Data into Database
 Creating a working form
 Creating a Lookup field
 Generating a query
 Create a report
 Total 30