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Penguins 3D

Using Sculptris, create a 3D Penguin. Models can be found on Flickr.
  1. It should include the entire body, including the wings, feet, head, tail and beak.
  2. It should be colored - mainly black and white but some penguins have colored crest feathers.
  3. It should be realistic. In other words, it should resemble a real penguin rather than a cartoon penguin.
  4. It should be to sale. In this case that means the head should be proportionately the right size compared with the body, the eyes should be the right scale to fit the head, etc.


There is an entire penguin: head, body, feet, etc. /3
At first glance the penguin appears realistic and not cartoony. /2
The penguin is appropriately colored. /2
The penguin is to scale, with the all the body parts appropriately sized. /3
 Total /10

James Dykstra,
Nov 23, 2017, 8:11 AM