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The Wheels on the Bus

The Technology

  1. Having already opened up Swish, you are going to draw a smallish circle on one side of the stage.
  2. In the circle, use the Pencil Tool to draw some blot, line, or imperfection so that you can distinguish one side of the ball from the other.
  3. You should set this up as a group.
  4. Set your key frames and then drag the ball a short distance away.
  5. You will have to group your ball and the mark you made on it so that they work together.
  6. Using the Transform box (usually in the right hand corner of your screen) rotate your ball 90 degrees and insert a key frame.
  7. Doing this every few frames until the ball has rolled off the screen
  8. When you do this, you should get a reasonably realistic impression of the wheel rolling round.

The Task

  1. Create a vehicle (bus, car, van, or whatever) with wheels that appear to turn.
  2. Deceptively simple, isn't it?
    Created enough object to make a car 2
    Grouped objects in a logical manner 3
    Successfully turned "wheels" to make them seem to roll  2
    Got car body to move with car 2

The Evaluation